A Look Deeper

A Look Deeper

We have the new 2018 Nissan Leaf on display and have had the pleasure of learning a little bit about what this car can be for most drivers. This car is one that has been the most popular in the world when it comes to the EV models on the market. As the next generation model this new Leaf is stronger, longer and lower than it’s been in the past to give us a completely rebuilt model that can handle the drive wherever we want to go with an EV that has the range and the qualities desired.
Beautifully Designed – In many cases the car we see when it arrives on the market is much different from the one that was presented as a concept. The Nissan IDS concept car that showed up at the Tokyo Motor Show two years ago offered a gorgeous look and the Leaf brings some of the style desired to the market with the diamond shaped blue grills that add a specific appeal.

Desired Range – While we’ve seen new EV models make their way to the market with greater range, the 150 miles the new Leaf offers is going to be ample to handle over ninety percent of the driving needs you’ll have. With this range you can make the Leaf the commuter car for a drive that can reach up to fifty miles away and feel comfortable with the distance that remains.

Lower Cost – In comparison to the other EV models that have broken into the affordable market with the desired range, the Leaf is less expensive. This car will cost you around $31,000 after the delivery fees which is cheaper than the model we’ve had in the past. In addition to being less expensive, this price is before any tax credits, which will bring the price down significantly.

Longer Range is Coming – The Nissan Leaf we will see for the 2019 model year will have the ability to have a larger battery pack and a longer range. Offering the lower range model with the lower price first targets a larger number of customers than what the competition has done by showing up with the most expensive model first.

Increased Power – The power you’ll find from this new EM57 electric motor brings you 147 horsepower and 236 lb.-ft. of torque. These are numbers that have been significantly increased from what we’ve had in the past from the leave. This means you should have a quicker acceleration in this car than in the previous models and be more comfortable maintaining highway speeds.

Advanced Technology – You’ll find tech inside this car that’s made to assist you in the drive. The ProPilot Assist is an adaptive cruise control system that also ensures the car can stay in the center of the lane. you’ll also enjoy the benefit of lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for the connectivity desired.

Sales Expectation – As the leader in the sales over the past several years, the Leaf is expected to continue to be the top seller in the EV market and capture more of the market with this new range that can offer the ability for you to drive and have an extended distance for your commute that will make this a choice you want to make for the EV driving you’re going to do.

You Can Have One Soon – This car will be on sale in Japan next month and will be offered in the US and Europe early next year to make it a car you can easily purchase and enjoy the drive of never having to stop at a gas station again except for a snack. Look for this car to make its way to dealer lots in the upcoming months.
For the video of the Nissan Leaf, click here.

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