As if this Car Could Get any Hotter

05.26.17 - Aston Martin DB11

The recent unveiling of the Aston Martin DB11 showed us a car that’s as sleek, stylish and performance oriented as any on the road. This new car is one that offered an impressive amount of what we’ve come to expect from car that have been part of the history of perfection in the automotive industry and is the only choice of the James Bond characters over the years. The DB11 may become more than one model which is what we expect it to be so that it can be the right choice for those lucky enough to be able to afford one.

Aston Martin is on a comeback plan and is looking to produce several new cars over the next few years. Last year we did get the new DB11 with the new V8 Vantage and DB11 Volante to follow this year. These are cars we already know and expect to give us an amazing drive, but they aren’t what was testing at the Nurburgring track recently. It seems there might be an even hotter version of the DB11 that will give us more of the looks and performance we desire and this car may receive another distinction.

Caught on the track by Automotive Mike the new DB11 might become the DBS or it could be the new Vanquish model that will take its rightful place in the market of Aston Martin. One of the ways this car was caught in this video is while it was refueling. This is where you see more of the differences between this car and the typical DB11. These differences might not sound like much at all, but this car is going to be one that will be more of what we want if Aston Martin takes this test car to the production line,

Differences you’ll see in the video include the front fascia that shows you a larger front splitter and bigger air intakes in the front bumper well forward of the wheels. There is an area of the front grill that’s blocked off which doesn’t make a lot of sense yet, but this is a test car. There weren’t any visible differences in the sides or the back but there is larger rear spoiler that juts out of the rear of this car to give it more downforce and better control on the track.

Even though most of what you see in this car is similar to the DB11, the expectation is that the new Vanquish model will be powered by more than the 5.2-liter twin turbocharged V12 engine that’s already under the hood of the DB11. This means the new Vanquish model is expected to make more than 600 horsepower to be the top model in the Aston Martin stable of vehicles that are perfect for the drive on the track. While this isn’t any official notice, the fact that Aston is on the ‘Ring performing the testing needed is a step in the right direction.

There is always a difference between what we see during testing and what comes to the market as the production model, but with this car we certainly can hope that’s not the case. This new Vanquish possibility may also have more aerodynamic features underneath that we didn’t even see or cover because Aston Martin makes a habit of having much of the aero items hidden from sight. We’ll see what the new Vanquish will be on the market and the idea that this car could be the next version of the DB11 allows us to look forward to even more offerings from this automaker.

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