Classic Cars You Want to Love

Classic Cars You Want to Love

There are cars that had reputations of being unreliable and a bit awkward and there are some that have been overlooked because they weren’t appreciated during their time. Much like the famous comedian Rodney Dangerfield used to say, these cars can’t get “any respect” and have been overlooked. The thing is, a car from yesteryear that your parents or grandparents didn’t want to buy at the time just might be the right car for you when you want a classic that you can show off or restore and enjoy the pure beauty of a car that might have been considered ugly at the time.

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia – The VW brand has brought us highly recognizable classics in the form of the Beetle and the Bus while others are typically left behind and forgotten. The Karmann Ghia is one of those and it’s one of the best looking cars that was ever built and you can find one of these cars for a great price in good condition to make the classic you’ll love.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan – One of the first versions of this car is a squared off model that is a sports sedan that gave us the performance bits we wanted and the build we were after. The Giulia 1600 TI Super is a car you can have and be excited about while others ask you what it is you’re driving because they may have never seen this impressive car.

Mercury Cougar – This is the cousin to the Ford Mustang and it was badged under the Mercury name. For years there have been those that have loved this car but for many, this car pales in comparison to the Mustang which leaves the Cougar in the forgotten pile. This is a car you can drive and show off that others are going to ask about when they see it.

BMW E3 – While some of the early E9 –chassis models are well-known, the ones that aren’t as popular are the sedans that were offered at the same time. This sedan is one that looks great offers the 2.8 or 3.0-liter straight six-cylinder engine and allows you to show up with an impressive car that harkens back to a day of more chrome.

Ford Ranchero – This is certainly an interesting choice when you’re looking for a car that was built with a bed in the back. This utility vehicle is one that allows you to have exactly what you’re looking for and is the counterpart to the Chevy El Camino but much less popular. This forgotten Ford beauty has its own way of being the right choice for you to drive.

Datsun Sports – The earlier days of Datsun, before the 240Z was offered, gave us a small roadster that had a ton of personality and was regarded as one of the best looking cars of the time. This is a car you still see at classic car shows on a regular basis, but most of the time you don’t hear much about them at all.

Fiat 600 – The 500 has always been the standard model for Fiat but the 600 that was built for a while was the larger model that wasn’t as cute but it sure was functional. This is a car you can buy for a steal in some cases and have the car that you want to drive and experience on the road in your area or to fix up and take to classic car shows.

Volkswagen Scirocco – Another Volkswagen model that you can enjoy as a classic is the Scirocco. While not nearly as popular as the Beetle or the Bus nor as attractive as the Karmann Ghia, this is a car that was the replacement for the Karmann Ghia when it came to the market with its Giugiaro lines that you can still enjoy showing off today.

Studebaker Lark – If you drive a Studebaker anywhere you’re going to be a hit wherever you go. This large car offered a lot of metal and the power you expected from a muscle car with a supercharged V8 or have a bit of a subdued feel. Either way, this is a forgotten name most of the time, unless its brought up and then its certainly admired.

Sunbeam Tiger – While the AC Cobra was more popular when it came to the history of Carroll Shelby, this is a small British Roadster that was also the recipient of a Ford V8 in the early days. The Tiger was a car that offered an exquisite roadster appearance and is much less costly for you to buy than the Cobra and far less known as well.

AMC AMX – This company made some of the most enjoyable muscle cars of the time although they never caught on in the same way as those from Ford, GM or Chrysler. The AMX was a two-seat car that could compete with the Corvette and actually looked cooler than the well-known sports car at the time.

Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 – While there are hardly any old Ferrari models that have been overlooked in history, this is one that has. The 308 GT4 has been overshadowed by the 308 GTB for many years. The GT4 model is one that came with amazing handling and a fantastic engine to be an excellent car that was somewhat forgotten about.

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