Daihatsu Will Have a Strong Presence in Tokyo

Daihatsu Will Have a Strong Presence in Tokyo

Even though you probably haven’t seen a Daihatsu model being sold in the US for many years doesn’t mean the brand has died out. Quite the contrary actually, this brand continues to be one of the favorites in the Japanese market with small and active models that can be excellent for the drive. With much of the market turning toward throwback styles on some of the vehicles, this company has chosen to do much of the same and will bring several new concepts to the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

If you aren’t sure how long the name of Daihatsu has been around, it will amaze you to find out this brand has lived and been a strong performer for several decades. While we might never see any of the small and active vehicles offered by this brand in the US market, the small and tight streets in Japan are the perfect place for some of the vehicles built to be enjoyed and used for the driving experience needed. Let’s take a look at a few of the new concepts that will show up in Tokyo and wear this name.

Coming to the Show

One of the models we’ll see at the show will be a new take on the Compagno. This model was originally bu8iltin the 1960s and the new model is expected to wear some of the throwback styles that make a lot of sense for the roads in Japan. This little car will be powered by either a 1.0-liter or 1.2-liter engine that could have a hybrid system to help give this little model the performance desires.

Next, we see the DN Pro Cargo which is a tiny box van that could be right for a company to make deliveries and carve up the roads easily. This little van is also made to be able to help those that are wheelchair bound to be able to get where they need to go or to hail this vehicle as the taxi to take them where needed. The DN also shows up with the DN U-Space which is similar to the cargo model but is made for personal use with the size and seating needed. The power for this version comes from a 600cc engine. There is also a DN Multisix which is a six-person minivan that will be powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and the DN Trec which is a crossover SUV.

It could be a lot of fun to see the impressive little models offered by the Daihatsu name when the Tokyo Motor Show arrives later this month. Once you see what this brand has to offer, you’ll understand even more about how the market in Japan is growing and using smaller vehicles to fit in and take the ride on the small roads and across some the tight alleys that are present in this island nation where technological advancements are made and the streets are always busy with activity.

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