Dodging their Demons

Dodging their demons.

When you want to talk about the resurgence of classic muscle cars, chances are that the Dodge name is going to come up. Over the past several years, they’ve re-released the iconic Charger and Challenger models, and both models have picked up some serious media attention. The Challenger was featured heavily in the Fast and Furious film franchise, following the appearance of a gorgeous and modded out vintage Charger in the first film. While Chevy and Ford have definitely re-staked their claim in the muscle car field, no one is doing it better than Dodge has been.

Dodge has paid appropriate tribute to these iconic models by retaining a similar body style to the original while putting a modern and updated spin on things. The Challenger model, in particular, has some serious panache. She’s beautiful, powerful, sleek, and vicious, and that’s just the standard model. While the past several years have pumped out some impressive specimens in terms of the Charger and the Challenger, none could be considered more impressive than the latest vehicle Dodge has cooked up in its labs. It could truly be stated that with the launch of the Challenger SRT Demon, Dodge has outdone itself.

The Hellcat Charger maxed out at 707 horsepower, while the Challenger Demon promises just over eight hundred in standard models. There is an optional Demon Crate package that can force the Demon to squeeze out an additional forty horses. Dodge promises a nine-second quarter mile with the Crate package equipped, with max speeds of 140 miles per hour. There have been measures taken to lighten the car as much as possible for those who are interested in maxing out their Demon, including the option to remove the passenger seat. However, the purchase of this car doesn’t come without some conditions.

First of all, the price tag is pretty up there, coming in at $85K before any additional packages. There are only 3000 of the vehicles being produced, and they will fly out of the dealerships, even at that elevated price range. This is the first vehicle on the market that is being called a legal drag racing car, and Fiat Chrysler is forcing owners to take responsibility for any and all actions behind the wheel. In fact, Fiat Chrysler’s legal team is forcing buyers to sign a waiver before they’re able to leave the dealership with their Demon.

Apparently, the people at Fiat Chrysler are expecting new owners to act foolishly when given a vehicle with as much power as this one is offering. Up first in the waiver, the driver is asked to assume the responsibility and the risk associated with driving a vehicle of this caliber. This type of thing is pretty standard boilerplate when it comes to waivers, but very few vehicles have this type of requirement before purchasing. The Demon is being called one of the most powerful vehicles ever manufactured, and because of that, Fiat Chrysler is backing themselves legally and making sure that they are not responsible for any driving caused injuries.

Remember the optional removal of the passenger seat? There’s also a section in the waiver regarding the voluntary removal of any seats. Owners are asked to attest to the fact that they will never try to install a passenger seat if they opt for the Demon to be manufactured without one because there won’t be standard safety equipment in place for the passenger.   The fifteen section waiver also warns against improper use of the track only features and the weather conditions under which the vehicle should not be driven given its drag racing features that may not cooperate well with inclement weather, most specifically the drag tires.

Hitting the market in the fall of 2017, the Challenger Demon is sure to produce some pretty boneheaded drag races. For every person who signs the waiver with the responsibility of driving this type of vehicle in mind, there is going to be a handful of people who set out to test the specifications of the car in the exact conditions they swore they wouldn’t. Essentially a fifteen point waiver is only as good as the paper its written on. It will be a matter of responsibility of the people behind the wheel that will determine the Demon’s ultimate safety.

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