Getting Excited for Aston Martin

05.31.17 - Aston Martin St Athan Plant

There’s much to love when you hear the name Aston Martin. As one of the most admired and revered British names in the automotive industry, this is the brand of car that has been the choice of the James Bond characters over the years and has been the brand that has captured our attention for many decades. This brand is preparing to ramp up and bring an expanded production process to the world which has started with building a new factory in Wales to make it possible for the production numbers to increase dramatically.

As the Aston Martin team broke ground on the new facility and set up the buildings that would be needed to house the machinery, they staged a bit of an advertising celebration that was an event that we would never see with our own eyes, but they chose to share with the world. Because a manufacturing plant is a large space covering acres of ground it is possible to turn one of these areas into a makeshift race course and have a lot of fun playing with cars on the grounds that were to be prepped to be the new Aston Martin plant.

In order to create this celebration Aston Martin shipped in over $83 million worth of special, vintage Aston Martin cars that were left unattended for three menacing drivers to have a great time racing them around the grounds of the facility. At least, that’s what the video is expecting you to believe to a certain extent. There was everything in place from the legendary DBR1 to the James Bond DB5 and even the tiny Cygnet which was the city car that carried the Aston Martin name and wasn’t admired or enjoyed for long, but it did serve a purpose for a few years.

As you watch this impressive video you can see a montage of sliding and fun on the grounds of the new Aston Martin plant as the three menacing blokes take to the wheel and whip these classic Astons around the grounds. This trio is actually comprised of Nick Thiim and Darren Turner who are factor drivers along with Chief Engineer Matt Becker who all have a great time racing around the grounds and performing slides and drifts on the fresh and clean surfaces of the new plant that hasn’t been put together or put to operation just yet.

To add a but if humor to the mix you can see there are some scenes that show us a few bumbling and sleepy guards at the gate the make it better for you to enjoy the video and the menacing antics of these three gents. Sit back, take a look and have some fun as you see what can be done in some of these classic Aston Martin cars and how this company chose to celebrate the new plant they’re opening that will help them increase the production numbers they move toward an even more exciting time in the automotive world with this new plant and the fun that can be had with one of these elegant creations.

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