Giulia Beats the M4

Alfa Romeo Giulia Red

The new model from Alfa Romeo, the Giulia is meant to carry the highly respected name into the next few years with amazing sales in order to bring volume to an exotic brand that has never known volume sales.  This new concept means Alfa has dialed back some of the design and performance features in order to give the car a more acceptable price tag and a build that will make it attractive even for families to buy.  With this in mind you might think the automaker is going to take a back seat to lesser names such as BMW and Mercedes- Benz, but think again.

Taking the fight to the track the Giulia has the opportunity to show off its chops and become a car that we will all swoon after, which isn’t often in a sedan.  Which track to choose; of course the most admired track in the world, the famous test track of Nurburgring was where we see the battle take place, but what car would the Giulia work to best?  With so many to choose from the most logical choice of course is the M4 from BMW which is a direct competitor in the category the Giulia will be placed.

The M4 is an amazing performance car in its own right with power, precise control and an amazing lap time at this world-famous track.  The M4 which is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine that makes 425 horsepower was able to complete the lap around Nurburgring in 7:52, certainly nothing to sneeze at.  In fact this lap at the famous track made us talk for months about how seriously quick this car was and what it could possibly be capable of out on the open road.

The Giulia QV which is powered by a six-cylinder engine from Ferrari that makes 530 horsepower, which is actually up twenty from the figure that was originally reported by Alfa Romeo, was able to turn the lap in 7:43.  This time is a full nine seconds faster than the M4, putting a serious beating to the highly acclaimed Beemer.  There is however a few variables that should be discussed before we send the Giulia off into the victors sunset or the M4 off with its tail between its legs.

Even though this was a faster lap, Alfa Romeo has yet to actually confirm such a feat occurred and now that Nurburgring has imposed speed limits in some parts of the track it will be a long time before we can find out truly how fast these two cars are against each other.  Because of the timing of the speed limits it’s possible the Giulia that made the rumored run was one that was a test model and not what will actually make it to production.

Although the numbers cannot be fully confirmed the fact that this story has even made it out shows there is likely some truth to the tale.  As the next great Alfa Romeo model to hit the streets, the Giulia will only be enhanced if it really is capable of such awesome speeds and dynamic performances, even if they can’t be confirmed.

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