What Happens with the Super Limited Edition Cars

What Happens with the Super Limited Edition Cars

We talk about it and report the fact that a highly limited model of a vehicle is one that is not only going to be built in an extremely limited number but by the time we report it, every single model is already sold and reserved from the company. This type of vehicle selling makes it worth the effort and expense of an automaker to build these cars that will cost a ton to build and then even more for the new owner to purchase them and have these cars added to the collection they have.

Many of the hypercar owners around the globe have several in their collection. These folks have proved they know how to collect and keep the models that are sold on the upper echelon of the market. Most of the time there isn’t any reason for one of the few that can purchase these limited run models to ever give up the opportunity to do so. When an automaker announces a limited run vehicle will be built those that are able to buy them are put on a list and given what’s called a build slot to reserve their model and know which number they are in the order off the line from this company.

One of the brands and the cars that have come under question recently is Aston Martin with the Valkyrie. This is a super-powered hypercar that will be offered in a limited number of only 150 models. This car is already sold and build slots are assigned, but there seems to be a bit of a controversy regarding these build slots and what can be done with them. It appears a dealership in Dubai has listed one of the build slots for sale on their website, which has been met with serious disapproval.

If you had a build slot for a car and suddenly you fell on hard times and your finances were under fire, one way to make money would seem to be to sell your build slot. Selling these slots is actually akin to scalping tickets for a higher price than face value outside of a stadium at a sporting event. Not only is selling a build slot frowned upon, there could be future repercussions for a person who does so, especially from the company that has created the hypercar in the first place.

In a Twitter discussion, when the thought of this Dubai-based dealership came up as one that could sell a build slot for the Valkyrie the question was put to the CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer. He first replied with the confidence that the dealership probably doesn’t actually have a build slot to sell, but if they do, they need to understand that Palmer will never let them have another special model and be on one of his build lists. This means they couldn’t get in on the Vantage AMR Pro or Rapide AMR Pro or any other special model.

Is it worth it for this dealership to sell a build slot to be blacklisted by Andy Palmer? Certainly not. Do they have a slot to sell? That’s a good question. Considering the collection of models they do have in stock which includes a Pagani Zonda R, a Ferrari FXX-K and a Gumpert Apollo N making it possible they could have a slot, but they won’t any longer.

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