How Hot Can You Get?

When you think about hot and sexy cars that are sold on the market today may different models may come to mind. You might bring up some of the Porsche variants, the McLaren lineup that’s always got its own sex appeal, the Ford GT, a collection of Ferrari or Lamborghini models and even the likes of Jaguar might get tossed in the mix. One of the most impressive and truly alluring cars on the market today is the Mercedes-AMG GT R and as one of the hottest cars, you wouldn’t think the team could turn up the heat any farther.

It appears the team in the AMG skunkworks disagrees with the limit of the heat that a car can bring and they plant to bring back a label we haven’t seen on the AMG models for several years. This label will be that of the Black Series and when its added to the mix things get so hot you won’t be able to see. While there wasn’t any date given as to when we might see a new Black Series car, testing has begun and you can see what Mercedes-AMG has been working on as it makes it way around Nurburgring.

To bring the new Mercedes-AMG GT R Black Series to the market, this car is going to be an even more aggressive version of the already impressive AMG GT. This hardcore track ready car is one that offers a wider body and stance to make it possible for the car to rip and roar around one of the toughest tracks in the world with what appears to be ease. This car is one that looks absolutely amazing, even in the camouflage offered and is certainly going to increase the quotient of hot cars on the market.

The new Black Series version offers us more than just a wider stance. this car shows up with more aggressive front bumpers, larger intake openings, an amazing center exit exhaust and a larger diffuser. While we don’t know what engine will be housed in this sexy beast, the current AMG GT R pumps out 577 horsepower which means the Black Series will likely be tuned up to over 600 without any trouble at all. This is a car that we’ll want to get in and drive and take some seriously fast laps around the tracks in our area.

When will we see the new Black Series version revealed? That’s information that we don’t know yet. The expectation is that it won’t be for quite a while as Mercedes-AMG works to get this perfect. When you’re presenting the world with something that will upgrade the alluring factor, it has to be special and it has to be done to perfection and that’s what this team is going for. Until we learn more about the reveal and the dates expected, we’ll continue to see if we can capture a glimpse of this sensuous predator out on the tracks testing to see how it will be able to perform.

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