If Crazy has a Name

If Crazy has a Name

We’ve seen things done that just seem to be off the wall and absolutely insane when it comes to having toys and cars that can perform. One of the toys that’s the most popular right now on the market is the fidget spinner. This little toy is an item that has three round circles attached to a central circle and is meant for kids to be able to spin and enjoy when they are a bit fidgety in their chairs at school or at home. While this toy is certainly one that has helped many kids with special needs and ADHD to focus, it seems to be popular for all kids.

Of course, seeing how this little spinner works brought to mind some questions that some car fabricators have wondered. Is it possible to create a fidget spinner out of cars? Because of the shape of the toy, it seems like this would be an impossible feat to accomplish, and certainly, the cars wouldn’t be able to spin in the same manner that the toy does, but could it actually be done using three cars and would it move once it was put together?

Instead of using three whole cars, because there wouldn’t be any way to make the cars move with the rear tires situated in a constant forward position, a team in Russia chose to try and make this happen with three partial cars by using only the front ends of three cars to try and see if the conglomeration would work. This spinner idea was absolutely a combination of crazy ideas and the welding of materials in a fashion that would have put a smile on the face of Dr. Frankenstein, but once the cars were assembled the question remained of whether or not the fidget spinner car would actually work and be able to perform the way it’s supposed to.

Amazingly enough, the cars were able to move and did some crazy activities once this was completely done and put together. This three-car build that should have never been able to make its way around anywhere looks like it was a bit of fun and certainly was out of control in the area that it was tested. This Russian team completed the task of making a car version the fidget spinner that was able to move and that was the entire goal.

While kids won’t be able to play with this full-sized version and it won’t be mass produced because, yeah right, the fact that this team even put this build together and made it work is pretty impressive. Take a look at the video below and check out the amazing build and the crazy way this life-sized fidget spinner works and is able to let you see and witness in action the way a warped mind works of some people. You’ll be amazed at what they were able to pull off and maybe you’ll be the next to try and turn a kid’s toy into an automotive crazy activity.


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