Kickin’ It Nissan Style

Kickin' It Nissan Style

Do you want to get your kicks on? Do you have the vehicle that’s fun and active on the road to put you in the mood for a night out with your friends or a day of outdoor fun?

If not, you certainly could have a vehicle that not you allow you to get your kicks on but is named to do just that. Nissan has shown us the new Kicks which is a compact crossover SUV that will slate below the Rogue Sport in the lineup when it comes to the size of the vehicle you want for the drive.

With the growth of the subcompact market and names that include the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3, this will be the model that would compete and handle the drive. The only question that remains for Nissan is what would happen with the Juke. Nissan already has a subcompact model with the Juke, but the new Kicks could be the one to replace this otherwise funky model and give us what we want in the Nissan Style SUV that sits at the smallest size of the market for the drive needed and the look and feel we want.

What will the new Kicks bring to the market?

The new Nissan Kicks made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show recently and it offers us the power of the third generation 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine to make 125 horsepower and 115 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to a CVT automatic transmission for the shifting needed in this little FWD SUV. There won’t be a manual transmission offered and we don’t expect to see AWD as an option either, but this little SUV could reach a combined fuel mileage of 33 mpg for the driving experience.
There will be seven exterior colors offered for this Nissan Style SUV along with five two-tone combinations that make this an SUV that will look great and offer you the style you desire. There is even a black roof that’s combined with a white, orange, or red paint while an orange roof can be had with a grey body and a white roof is offered with a blue body color. These different looks can give you the vehicle that reflects the personality you want to show off when you drive around trying to get your Kicks on the roads in your area.
On the inside of this SUV, you’ll find a spacious cabin that offers you 25 cubic feet of storage space behind the second row of seats. There is a seven-inch infotainment display that gives you the connectivity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With a starting price that will make this an affordable SUV to drive, the new Kicks is being offered in three trims to give you a vehicle you’re sure to enjoy driving. This new model will be available starting in June 2018 to give you some time to learn more about it and figure out if this is the vehicle that can help you get your Kicks when out on the road, Nissan style.


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