A New Look for the Mustang

New look for the Ford Mustang

The new model year for the Ford Mustang will usher in something we haven’t seen in the past for one of the entry-level models.  Typically added benefits and upgrades are only offered as you move up the trim line and choose one of the more powerful and more engaging models of any sports car.  When shopping for the Mustang and looking for the right way to have this car be the one you want to enjoy on the road and at the track, you’ll have a new choice that you can experience for the driving and performance you need.

As one of the most iconic sports cars on the market, the new Ford Mustang is a car you can drive and have everything you’ve been looking for in a great car.  This next model year will feature an upgrade appearance package that brings in some of the retro stylings from over 50 years ago to make it one of the best looking cars you’ll find on the market.  The new 2018 Mustang EcoBoost will now be offered with a new Pony Package to allow you to have the looks and the qualities you’ve been after.

While the EcoBoost model is one of the Mustang trim levels that you can enjoy driving every single day you can add a bit more for the difference in the appearance you want.  This new Pony Package will offer you the new pony-in-corral badge on the front which harkens back to the Mustang from fifty years ago.  This package will also allow you to enjoy 19-inch polished aluminum wheels, bright beltline and window trim on the fastback models, premium carpeted floor mats with Ebony embroidered pony logos, side stripes on lower body sides and a tri-bar pony badge on the rear decklid.

You’ll still be able to have the car that comes with the balance of power and performance that you want in the Mustang with the four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, but now this upgrade will let you have a racing-styled Mustang that can stand out from the rest that you see on the road.  These excellent improvements will be reasonably priced in order to make sure you have options that aren’t always offered at the lower ends of the market, giving you what you want in the sports car that will be right for you on the road and at the track.

When can you begin to see this new Pony Package on the Mustang that you want to purchase?  The new model year will be offered at dealerships in October, which is when you can begin to see this package and learn more about how much it will actually cost over and above the base price.  If this sounds like a car you’re looking to drive, get ready to be impressed and amazed by what this excellent machine will offer you for the experience you want on the road.  The new Mustang is bringing retro looks to the lower end of the lineup to give you the performance and appearance you want with this new collection of features.

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