The Market Has Spoken

The Market Has Spoken

There are times when the vehicles we drive are offered with much more than what has been expected. One of the best examples of this is the BMW M2 which has taken the market by storm because this car is one that brings you the dynamic drive if perfectly built sports models that will be easy to have on the roads you want to drive. This car is one that has the ride quality you want with the short wheelbase and the excellent performance that gives you the right way to handle the ride you’re looking for.

The new M2 is such a surprise and performance model that it has even taken the team at BMW by storm. This car has sold so well that BMW has decided to ramp up the production of the M2 and a couple other models in order to offer more cars that are along the lines of the performance-oriented design and build that you can have on the road. This means the BMW team will increase the production of the M4 GTS and the M4 CS models as well so that you can have the drive you’re looking to enjoy out on the road.

What Makes the M2 So Special

The quality drive you find in the BMW M2 makes it easy to have a great drive on the road and at the track. The most popular model of this car being ordered right now is the version that has the six-speed manual transmission attached to the incredible engine that you’ll love for the ride. This isn’t the fastest car on the road but it’s built well and gives you the driving feeling you want when you’re looking to be a driving purist that wants to feel the road as you drive.

The sales that this small sports model has offered for the drive so far is already tracking to as much as 50 percent above the expectations from this brand. More than half the buyers have ordered the model with the manual transmission and the demand continues to increase in order to have the right drive for where you want to go in this amazing car. The fact that sales have reached the numbers they have has given the BMW the idea they need to offer more GTS and CSL models for the drive that you can enjoy on the road and at the track.

The rumor is the M2 CSL may be in the works with a pair of prototypes for the performance desired from this two-door sports car. The regular M2 is going to receive an upgraded with a facelift next year, making it a car that looks even better than before. The CSL model will increase the power to 400 horsepower to ensure you can rip off some of the amazing performance you’re looking for at the track. The fact that so many M2 models are being ordered with the manual transmission is opposite the rest of the market, which means BMW needs to capitalize on this fact right now.

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