Trailer Look at the New Dodge Demon

03.08.17 - Dodge Challenger Demon

Where do you turn to bring a new massive muscle car to the mix for us to enjoy? Right now that place would be the Fast and Furious series of films where the cars have been powerful, fast, hot and certainly furious as well. If you want to reach the imagination of those that thrive on the adrenaline rush of driving a massive muscle car, this is where you’ll do just that and Dodge has partnered up with this franchise to create trailers and present the newest member of the muscle car team on the big screen; the new Dodge Challenger Demon.

We won’t officially see the Demon up close until the New York International Auto Show in April, but this was one of the cars used in the upcoming film that adds to this franchise. The new film is ready to debut on April 14, which puts the reveal of the Demon and its silver screen debut around the same time. Mark your calendars because April will certainly be the hot and powerful month you want it to be with these tow showing up in the way they will.

As for the trailer, which you can take a look at below, unless a Dodge aficionado, you’re not going to notice the differences between the scenes and the cars being driven. This trailer is pretty cool, but there are some irregularities of the cars in this video. During the garage part of the scene the cars are supposed to look like Demons, but they don’t have the right hood or the fender flares that are part of what the Demon is going to bring. This shot may have been done just for the Dodge commercial after the movie was done and trailers had to be created.

On the other hand, the chase scene that takes place after the cars breath through the wall, shows us cars that do actually appear to be the real Dodge Demon models. These cars have the large AirGrabber hood scoop and the wide-body fender flares that have been promised on this car. Most likely, these shots were taken from the movie roll and we do know there were several of the Demon models on the set during this movie as it was a prominent part of the vehicle lineup that was used for the shooting of this new film.

Whether you want to break down the quality of this trailer or just be entertained by it, the fact that April is coming quick can certainly make you feel like you’re going to celebrate Christmas in spring. At lease what you can say is that you’ll have a Happy Easter with the motor show that will present you with the Demon and all its specs and the new movie on Good Friday that you can enjoy and be completely entertained by. The only question left to be answered after you see the film will be when this car will actually be on the market for you to purchase.

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