The Type R May Get Even Better

The Type R May Get Even Better

For a few years, we clamored for the Honda team to bring the Civic Type R to our shores so that we can have a great drive and enjoy the high-quality performance of this hot hatch on the roads. The goal for Honda was to bring us the 306 horsepower model that provided impressive speed from the small 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Now that this goal has been accomplished, Honda would like this car to continue to be one of the most impressive vehicles on the road and not allow it to become stale with only one version.

In order to make this a possibility, Honda is going to offer us a variety of different models of the Type R in order to let us choose the right one of these cars that will make it right for you on the road. While there hasn’t been any confirmation as to what this car may bring, the thoughts begin with the fact that this car is only offered as a FWD model right now while most of the competitors on the market are all set up as AWD models to give us the power put to all four wheels the way we want.

You should absolutely expect to see an AWD version of the Type R offered on the market in the near future and you might also see a more hardcore and more powerful version of the car offered as well. This could be a completely stripped down model of the car in order to make it more of a track going version that can run some seriously hot laps around the loop that is near your home. The team at Honda could also tune up the engine to be more powerful in order to give you the insane speed you’re looking for.

Another great way to bring the Type R to the market in a way that more of us will purchase it and enjoy the ride would be as a softer model. The grand touring aspect of the car is something we could enjoy on the road with the ability to scream down the road with some excellent acceleration and speed in order to be a wonderful drive while being softer around the corners and more comfortable than the current Type R that we get to have the quality drive we’re looking for on the road.

Now that we have the Type R from Honda we can certainly expect this brand to bring us a car that has more variations and possibilities than ever before. The Civic Type R is the ultimate way this car has been brought back to the sports scene and is no longer a boring compact sedan that you have to drive. This car is one that brings us the fun we want and gives us a reason to get excited about the Honda Express Car Buying experience so we can get behind the wheel of this baby sooner.  By bringing us more choices, the Civic Type R will be even more engaging and built perfectly for those of us who want to have a great ride in a car that we’ve known and loved for many decades.


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