The Valkyrie Information You Sort of Want

The Valkyrie Information You Sort of Want

The newest member of what the Aston Martin team has put together is their hypercar called the Valkyrie. This is a car that would fit in well with the likes of the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 and the McLaren P1 as one of the rarest and most impressive cars to ever make its way to the road. With that in mind, here are five things you want to know about this car, although one of them you probably wish you didn’t know.

Downforce – The Valkyrie is built to create an insane amount of downforce and cause you to have the ability to stick to the ground in a way that’s better than any other car. This is the result of the work with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. A vast majority of the downforce is created under the car with the two Venturi Tunnels that run along either side.

Reflective Cabin – If you’ve ever seen the cabin of a Le Mans prototype racecar, you’ll recognize a similar fashion inside the Valkyrie. This car isn’t designed for comfort, it’s designed for speed and this car offers you a feel of a feet-up position similar to what is found in Formula 1 cars. The simplicity across the cabin is impressive and the controls are exceptional.

Thin Badge – the ability to create a weight savings wherever possible was one of the priorities for Aston Martin with this car. The badge on the front that depict the wings is made from a chemical-etched aluminum plate that is thinner than a strand of human hair and is able to be 99.4 percent lighter than the typical badge used.

Massive Horsepower – As you would expect from a hypercar, the horsepower number will be over 1,000. This will come out of the naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine that has been developed by Cosworth. This engine is attached to a seven-speed paddle shift transmission that will push this power to the wheels. There will be 25 track only models build that will have even more power and downforce, making them even faster than the typical model.

Sold Out – And here is the kicker, every model of the Valkyrie is already spoken for. This car will be built in 150 different examples and all have been sold, which isn’t a surprise. It seems that more often than not these hypercars or at least the highly collectible models are sold out within just a few days of the bidding beginning, adding to the collections of those that have the ability to purchase in the range of $3.8 million for a car.

The new Aston Martin Valkyrie is certainly a hypercar that will be admired and enjoyed as we see it in only a few examples when it’s built. I’m sure we’ll get a good look at it at some events in the future such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and maybe one or two will make it to the auction blocks in a few years as well.

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