2017 Nissan Leaf: Still a Great EV Choice

02.10.17 - Nissan Leaf

Sometimes the original is still the one you want to dive. With the Nissan Leaf came the first mainstream EV model to the masses six years ago and since that time the Leaf has charged on as a fantastic EV model that you can drive and charge as easily as plugging it in the wall at night. The range is perfect for city drivers to enjoy the ride and never have to worry about running out of charging power on the road. While there are other EV models on the road right now, the original is still the one you want.

How far do you drive in a regular day? If you live in or even just outside of the city limits you’re not likely to drive more than 100 miles per day. That’s what you’ll have with the Leaf which is still a small, affordable and easy to enjoy EV model that brings you the performance and drive you want to enjoy. You’ll love the simplicity the Leaf brings to make it a straightforward small car that is made to get you to and from where you need to go without a ton of expensive frills.

For the new 2017 model year a more powerful battery has arrived in the form of the 30-kWh lithium-ion battery which showed up on the higher trims last year. This battery pack is now standard across the Leaf range to give you the longer range of 107 total miles which is an impressive increase over the 84 that was present on the older battery pack. This added mileage makes it possible for you to enjoy the Leaf all day long and even head out at night for dinner with the confidence to know the Leaf still has plenty of range left in it.

There are three trim levels for the Nissan Leaf; S, SV and SL. The base S model offers you a rearview camera, heated front seats, Bluetooth connectivity, automatic climate control, cruise control, an audio system with a five-inch screen, USB and auxiliary ports. While this could be a good model for you to enjoy, you might want to consider stepping up to the SV and adding a quick charge port, a seven-inch infotainment screen, a navigation system, the NissanConnect EV smartphone integration, improved fabric for the seats, a heated steering wheel and an improved audio system for you to have more of what you want.

Moving all the way up to the top of the lineup the SL adds leather upholstery that’s heated in the rear seats, fog lights, automatic headlights and the HomeLink universal garage door opener. Even if you stick to the S model you can have the 6.6-kW charger and reduce the charging time on a 240-volt outlet to nearly six hours. The SV and SL trims can also be upgraded with a seven-speaker Bose premium audio system and the Nissan Around View rearview camera to give you a full view of everything near the car.

The powertrain is an AC synchronous electric motor that uses the 30-kWh battery pack that produces 107 horsepower and 187 lb.-ft. of torque. This gives you the fuel mileage of 107 miles of range from a full charge. The Leave isn’t meant to be a fast car and will take nearly ten seconds to reach sixty mph, but if you live in the city it’s hard to imagine you driving that fast. The upgraded charger is an important benefit and you certainly don’t want to try using a regular 110-volt outlet which will take nearly twenty hours to recharge the battery. The warranty on the battery pack is a full eight-years/100,000 miles, making it easy for you to enjoy the Leaf for several years.

Do you need a car that’s made to get you around town on a daily basis and want something that won’t make you head to the gas station, ever? If so, the Nissan Leaf is the car that’s been sold more than any other EV on the market today and continues to be an impressive choice when you want a car that can give you the drive and the performance you need from an impressive and small EV.

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