It’s Ram’s Turn for an Off Road Brute

01.31.17 - Ram Rebel TRX Concept

While we do love what the Ram 1500 Rebel and the Ram 2500 Power Wagon bring to the market, a new iteration on the Rebel that has been shown as a concept thus far just might make it to the market in the next model year and it should have Ford shaking in its boots. For the most part there isn’t much that can challenge the Ford F-150 Raptor, but a new Rebel TRX concept that could become a reality would do much more than just challenge it, this Rebel would eat up the smaller blue oval model.

To start the impressive nature of the Rebel TRX concept the engineers at Ram figures out how to put the most impressive engine they have in the bay of this truck. That engine is the Hellcat which is a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that produces 707 horsepower when installed in the Charger and Challenger. For the Rebel TRX this engine has been dialed back to offer only 575 horsepower which is still and impressive number. This number is impressive enough to be a full 125 ponies more than the Raptor has under its hood.

The engine isn’t the only impressive part of this truck though; even the transmission has been beefed up. The standard eight-speed automatic has been tuned up to offer higher output and be able to handle the high speed off road driving that’s expected to be a huge part of how the Rebel TRX lives and what it delivers. This improved transmission make it possible for the truck to offer a range of dynamic driving choices that can be made to give the best possible ride in either Normal, Wet/Snow, Off Road or Baja modes with the Baja being the one that will provide the driving dynamics you want to enjoy.

With great power comes increased size and the ability to seriously handle the off road challenges. The goal for the engineers and designers at Ram was to create an increase in suspension travel that would allow for 37-inch tires to be under the truck and handle the load. Each corner has an independent suspension that reminds you of the old Hummer suspension to make for the right way to head over the obstacles in the way on the trials. This beefed up suspension can travel more than thirteen inches which is a huge difference over the nine inches on the standard Rebel.

The truck also uses massive brakes, Mopar beadlock wheels, racing seats, a six point harness system in the seats and has a custom built bed to fit two spare tires just in case you’re a little too rough on the truck in the wilderness. You’ll notice the added hood vents and scoops that allow the engine to breathe and make for better performance. Everything on this truck has been built to make it a serious performer on the trails and make it possible to take it off roading at higher speeds than you’d ever think of doing with other trucks on the market.

Take a look at this video and listen to the excitement and love the engineers and designers have for the Rebel TRX. This is a truck that needs to come to market and give the Raptor a competitor on the trails that will be able to show what Ram can do. Hopefully this brute will receive the green light from FCA in the near future and show up on the market as a production model so that we can enjoy what it brings to the off road fun we want to have.

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